9.9.18: INDIENTAG auf dem Fünf Seen Filmfestival

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Eine Tradition des Fünf Seen Filmfestivals ist der INDIENTAG. Er findet am 09.09.2018 im Kino Breitwand Schloss Seefeld statt. Die auf dem Fünf Seen Filmfestival gezeigten Filme zeigen die Probleme des Landes und seiner Bevölkerung zwischen Tradition und Moderne, gerade in der jüngeren Generation, dramatisch in Purdah und hoffnungsvoll-froh und witzig in Ubuntu. Die Folgen städtischen Zusammenlebens in Mumbai sind Hintergrund des Thrillers In the shadows. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter folgenden Link: Fünf Seen Filmfestival

INDIEN: Ubuntu

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Ubuntu is a word from Nelson Mandela: I´m there, because we are there. In a small village a teacher teaches a class of only 15 students. With modern pedagogy he tries to open up different perspectives on life for the children in a practice-oriented way. When the class accidentally starts a fire, the village eldest announces that the school should not be attended by at least 35 children. And now at that very moment, the teacher has to go back to his pregnant wife. He instructs his oldest pupil Gauri to ensure that the pupils continue to come anyway. But when Gauri's best friend is threatened with forced marriage and her brother has to go to work to finance her dowry, Gauri sees her only chance to save the school by turning to the public. Ubuntu' is the story of children fighting for the right to education and so for their future.

am 9.9.18 um 16 Uhr im Kino Seefeld

IN 2018 / 116 Min. / DCP / Farbe / OmeU

Hier geht es zum Trailer und Reservierung: UBUNTU


INDIEN: Purdah

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Muslims in Mumbai. The young women in Mumbai - Kaikasha, Saba and Heena - have ambitious dreams for their lives and careers, but they are in conflict with their conservative Muslim background. Kaikasha wants to play cricket, but she is forced to watch the game dressed in a burqa. Only after months of insisting she may take them off and play by herself. On her way to Mumbai's professional female team, her parents give her an ultimatum: she has two years to become a professional player, otherwise she will be forced to marry. Saba dreams of a career as a model, but receives harsh criticism for wearing a Nikab.
Heena wants to become a fashion designer or singer, but poverty could stand in the way of her wishes. All three must stand up to their father and the prejudices of their environment.

am 9.9.18 um 18 Uhr im Kino Seefeld und Kino Gauting

IN 2018 / 71 Min. / DCP / Farbe / OmeU

Hier geht es zum Trailer und Reservierung: PURDAH



INDIEN: In the Shadows

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Exciting thriller that blurs time and reality. In Old Delhi's dense maze of narrow streets traversed by hanging power cables, Khuddoos feverishly scans a stack of monitors behind a dirty, crumbled shop window to see what people are doing outside his dark cave. Khuddoos has lost contact with reality in his surveillance mania. Only his friend Ganeshi provides him with food and helps him to cope with his surroundings. Through the monitors Khuddoos also sees the young Idris. His relationship with his parents could not be more different. His loving mother faces his father, the butcher. He tries to teach Idris the butcher's trade with all force and does not shy away from physical violence. One day Idris disappears. Khuddoos puts on more spy cams to track the boy, but he can't find him.

am 9.9.18 um 20 Uhr im Kino Seefeld

IN 2017 / 117 Min. / DCP / Farbe / OmeU

Hier geht es zum Trailer und Reservierung: IN THE SHADOWS


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